Sierra/CUDA trim weights

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Every body of water has a unique density. To adjust, the Sierra and CUDA  X-Scooter’s comes with a weight pouch in the nose and tail. Using lead shot (recommended), you can dial in your scooter so it sits just slightly positive in the water.  You should have 4 pouches, of two different colors. The colors are used to differentiate pouches for either the nose or tail.  If you frequently dive fresh and salt water you should trim your scooter with 2 of the bags for fresh water, and then with the fresh water pouches in place, add the second set of pouches containing the difference needed for salt water. This way you can dive either with minimal effort to adjust.  To mark the pouches you can simply write on them with a felt pen.

This weight table is meant to be a starting point for configuring your X-Scooter. Make sure you test, adjust, and re-test before diving into a new body of water.

Scooter Fresh Water Salt Water
Sierra Standard Nose 21oz (599g) 27oz (767g)
Tail 5oz (129g) 13oz (367g)
Sierra Long Body Nose 23oz (651g) 34oz (955g)
Tail 14oz (404g) 25oz (699g)
CUDA 400 Nose 15oz (425g) 22oz (623g)
Tail 6oz (170g) 14oz (404g)
CUDA 650 Nose 0oz (0g) 8 oz (226g)
Tail 7oz (767g) 18oz (510g)
CUDA 850 Nose 12oz (340g) 23oz (652g)
Tail 10oz (283g) 22oz (623g)
CUDA Fury 1150 Nose 15oz (425g) 22oz (623g)
Tail 6oz (170g) 14oz (404g)