Piranha Travel Battery Manual

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The Piranha’s compact modular design makes it incredibly travel friendly! However, FAA restrictions prohibit the transportation of Li-ion batteries aboard aircraft. With that in mind, we made the Piranha with an optional travel battery module so you can take your Piranha wherever your diving adventures take you! It goes where you go!

The Piranha Travel battery module has a removable NiMH (Nickel-Metal-Hydride) battery and weighs 19lbs/8.6k. It is weighted at the factory for saltwater use with a removable red velcro pouch for easy conversion to freshwater diving. The Piranha Travel Battery has a higher voltage than the P-1 Li-ion Battery, so if you are using the Piranha Travel Battery on a standard P-1 tail, you will need to change the gearing for your DPV. We designed the Piranha with user programmable electronics for use with our Programming Interface. Follow the easy steps below to convert your Piranha tail for use with the NiMH Travel Battery:


Items Needed:

  • Piranha Tail
  • Piranha Travel Battery
  • Dive Xtras Programming Interface (020-link)
  • PC computer
  • Internet access


  1. Visit https://dive-xtras.com/cart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=218&idcategory=6 and scroll down to link to download the Castle Link software (once the Castle Link software is downloaded, you can use the software offline).
  2. Install Castle Link software onto your PC
  3. Upon opening the Castle Link software, click “No”. You do not need to update the software.
  4. Plug the Programming Interface into a USB outlet on your PC
  5. On the Piranha tail, disconnect the blue, white, and black (BWB) reed switch wire from the yellow, red, and brown (YRB) electronics wire.
  6. Plug the three pronged end of the Programming Interface into the RYO electronics wire.
  7. Plug the Piranha battery into the Piranha Tail, the Programming Interface should now have a green LED illuminated and the Dive Xtras logo should show up on the Castle Link screen.
  8. Under the ‘Basic’ tab, the following changes need to happen
    1. Cutoff voltage needs to be set to 35V
    2. Gears 6-10 need to be set to Skip Gear
  9. Click ‘Update’ in the bottom right corner of the window and wait for the programming to update. When it is done, click ‘OK’.
  10. Unplug the Piranha Battery.
  11. Unplug the Programming Interface from the YRB wire.
  12. Plug the YRB wire back into the BWB wire.
  13. Close the Castle Link software
  14. Go Dive!

The Travel battery is NiMh and so you need to remember a few things to ensure it stays healthy and performs well:

  1. Never leave it in the scooter connected for long periods of time, the scooter always draws a tiny amount of power and will total discharge the pack (potentially damaging it) if you forget and leave it in.  We recommend connecting and disconnecting within 1-2 hours of your dive.
  2. Charge you battery every 2-3 months if you are not using it.  NiMh have a very high rate of self discharge, so charge regularly to prevent over discharge and damage.

Don’t forget that when you switch back to the Lithium battery you will need to reverse the above process.