Power Adapters

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We offer power adapters on our scooters so that you can power your dive lights, heated vests, and the like from your scooter battery. The power adapter in both our PowerSlice in the Piranha or the Power Adapter Kit in the Cuda both are rated for 10A continuous use and 15A for 30min. The output on the adapters is 12V.

Here’s the amperage you can expect to draw from some common lights and heated vests and suits.

Light Monkey

  • Single 200w HMI–10A
  • Dual 50w HID——15A
  • Dual 35w HID——6A
  • Dual 21w HID——4A


  • Dual 50w HID——13.5A
  • Single 50w HID—-6.75A
  • Dual 21w HID——5.4A


  • Heated Suit——–8.6A
  • Heated Vest——-4-5A
  • Heated Gloves—-2.4-2.5A


  • Blue Heat Suit—–6.3A


  • Heated Vest——–4A

Golem Gear

  • Q Vest—————3.7A


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at info@dev.atiqbd.com