Scooter Dive – Kona, Hawaii

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Checkout this fantastic dive video riding Dive Xtras CUDA 400’s.  Max Depth 275ft, 2 hours 35min.  Both Cuda’s have compass mounts, probably essential on a dive this long.



Vacuum Tester Video

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This video shows more details of the Vacuum tester in use, its the original video from when the Vacuum testers were launched in 2013.  It shows the tester checking a CUDA scooter, however the process is identical for all scooters



Adding A Bolt Snap To A Piranha Dive Scooter

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How do you attach a bolt snap on the nose of the Piranha?

This question comes up all the time so we have tried to address it in a solid way on the 2016 Piranha. The new nose handle has channels under the ends that you can use to attach a bolt snap via a small loop of cord. If you intend to leave the bolt snap installed permanently you can ensure your neutral buoyancy stays correct by removing the weight of the bolt snap from the lead shot in the nose. To retain the bolt snap and stop if flapping around when not in use, connect it back on itself as shown in the photo.

SS Maiden Dive

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Fantastic video shot by liquid-productions.  in this video Nick is predominantly filming and Valentina is filming him, this allows you to get some amazing footage of the dive skills required to not only shoot this video, but also complete the dive. All the divers are on Dive Xtras Scooters and deluxe Camera mounts.

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