Lake Crescent, Washington

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Some customers from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia headed to Lake Crescent in Washington State last month. They shot some amazing video of two famous wrecks in the lake, the Wreck of the Warren Car and the Steele Dodge. Video by Jared Jensen

Dive Xtras in ‘Ocean Geographic’ Magazine

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We have been lucky enough to work with some great exploration teams over the years and the last two years were no different. We have been working with Team Sedna, an all woman team exploring and documenting the Arctic. Their efforts were showcased in the April 2016 issue of ‘Ocean Geographic’ Magazine. to find more about Team Sedna check out their website here.

OG36-sedna-page-001 OG36-sedna-page-002 OG36-sedna-page-003 OG36-sedna-page-004 OG36-sedna-page-005


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