2016 Salon de la Plongee Paris

January 8-11 of this year, I traveled to Paris France to participate in the 2016 Salon de la Plongee! It was a whirlwind week with over 45,000 people showing up to a very busy show. We shared a booth with our French Distributor, Segytek and we were inundated with customers from all over Europe asking about the Piranha and where to get them.

It was great being able to participate in such an exciting show. It’s nothing like any US dive show. Everyone is excited about diving and about any new or novel piece of kit. I’m happy to say that we will be participating next year and expect even more people to stop by and see the best scooters in the world!

Safe Diving!
- Will Baxter

Yann finalizing a deal with the head of the Gendarmerie Diving Program.

Will with Yann and Maria Segalou, owners of Segytek and our French Distributor

Entrance to the 2016 Salon de la Plongee