Piranha Modular Design

In the diving world, the Piranha DPV stands alone. As the only scooter on the market today with a fully modular design, the Piranha is leading the industry with a lighter, more compact, higher performing, and more efficient design than the industry standard.

This modular design enables the diver to stack batteries for longer burn time and add accessories for use in exploration, surveying, collecting, or just plain fun diving! Every individual module of the Piranha DPV is neutrally buoyant. The Piranha comes weighted from the factory with easy user-removable saltwater plates. These saltwater trim plates can be found on the underside of the nose and battery sections of the scooter. For freshwater diving, simply remove the steel saltwater plates from the nose and battery sections and replace the thumb screws. When you receive your new Piranha, connect the batteries and your choice of accessories, and you are ready to go diving!

Whatever your diving endeavors; be it through tight shipwrecks, treacherous caves, or entrancing reefs, the Piranha will take you there!