Deluxe Camera Mount

You no longer need to fast forward to get to the good stuff

The Deluxe scooter video camera mount is the perfect accessory for the serious underwater cinematographer. This rigid mount fits on any of our scooters and can accommodate almost any camera housing on the market, video or still cameras. The mount is operated with a simple locking wheel that allows the camera to be completely removed, rotated or locked, all with one hand. The mount will work with most underwater camera housings and we have adapter plates for Light and Motion, Gates, Aquatica, Subal and Nauticam. Other housings can be mounted with our universal plate.

Turn Your Scooter Into A Mobile Tripod

Jerky video is a thing of the past. Transform your scooter into a underwater camera stabilizer. Pan, zoom, drive by all by moving your stable X-Scooter to get the perfect shot. Rotate your camera 180 degrees to capture yourself on your scooter. Rotate 90 degrees to get a great pan view of your subject as you scooter around it.

Custom Housing Adapters

Every Camera mount comes with a universal plate which typically will allow you to simply bolt your housing straight on to the mount, or possibly you will need to drill a couple of holes. We also have custom plates for some camera housings such as Gates. When ordering please let us know what which housing you have, and we will work with you to choose the appropriate adapter.

Compatible Scooters

Piranha P1

Piranha P2

Piranha P3