All your dive instruments in one place

Make your scooter the ultimate dive tool by adding the all new Piranha Gauge Mount. Installation onto the Piranha handle is simple and easy using the integrated GoPro mount. The standard gauge mount includes a Suunto SK8 compass and analogue depth gauge. This provides all the primary information needed for dive navigation right at your fingertips.


The standard gauge mount comes with a Suunto SK8 compass and an analogue depth gauge (220ft or 70m depth limit). It is also available with a Suunto Vyper computer, replacing the analogue depth gauge, to give you time and depth. If you have a Uwatec 330m bottom timer we also have an option to install this in the gauge mount.

  • Standard: SK8 and 220ft Analogue Depth Gauge
  • Standard Metric: SK8 and 70m Analogue Depth Gauge
  • Vyper: SK8 and Vyper Computer
  • Uwatec: SK8 and holder for Uwatec 330m digital depth gauge (digital depth gauge not included )

GoPro Ready

The new Piranha Gauge Mount uses the integrated GoPro mount on the handle so we have added another to the gauge mount so you don't need to choose between navigating or filming your dive.

Gauge Mount Analog

Gauge Mount Digital

Compatible Scooters