All your dive instruments in one place

Make your scooter the ultimate dive tool by adding the single or dual gauge mount. Able to mount Suunto and Uwatec gauges with no modifications, you can have your primary gauges right in front of you at all times. The gauges are mounted to a aluminum plate and then attached to your Cuda or Sierra Scooter's handle. This keeps your gauges in plain sight for easy viewing even while scootering.

Custom Fitted Boots

Install your gauge into a custom fitting rubber boot. You simply insert the gauge into the boot and install onto the gauge mount and you are done. Installing onto the scooter is just two thumb screws. The hardest part is deciding which gauge goes where. We have boots for the following computers and compasses:

Suunto Vytec Bottom Timer Computer
Suunto Vyper Bottom Timer Computer
Suunto Gekko Bottom Timer Computer
Suunto SK7 Compass
Uwatec Bottom Timer
Uwatec FS1 Compass

Organize Your Gauges

Streamline your dive gear and keep your instruments always in eye contact. With your dive gauges on your scooter handle, they are easily viewable without interrupting your dive travel. This can be important with the increased travel speed with a X-Scooter.

Single Gauge Mount with SK-8 Compass Installed

Dual Gauge Mount with SK-8 Compass Installed

Compatible Scooters

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