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Take your Piranha any where in the world with peace of mind.

Now your dive vacations and expeditions will never be without your favorite piece of kit! This Seahorse SE-1220 hard case is ATA approved for travel and comes with custom cut foam for your Piranha Travel. Using this case we've take our Piranhas all across the USA as well as to Europe, China, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. You can hand your scooter over to any airline with confidence that it won't be damaged when it shows up at your destination.

Buy your travel case directly from the manufacturer.

Buy a storage case for your lithium powered Piranha.
Note* You cannot fly with any lithium powered Piranha DPV.

Don’t Leave Your Piranha Behind

This case comes with integrated wheels and pull bar for easy transit through the airport, six securely locking latches, and two places for locks for peace of mind.

With the entire Piranha Travel and accessories secured, the case only weighs 63lb/28.5kg. All Seahorse Cases come with a lifetime guarantee for an even greater peace of mind .

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