The new Piranha X-Prop Shipping NOW

The X-Prop is here after tons of demand from our loyal Piranha divers, & it is designed to squeeze on average 14% more power and efficiency out of the original prop system.

” And of course to look cool “

The X-Prop is designed with a a fixed light weight RED aluminum hub, the swept blades are designed to easily shed kelp and other debris.

With a easy to install approach there is no weight or trim adjustments needed.

After receiving and installing your new Piranha X-Prop take the time to customize it to your Piranha Tail.

  • First want to carefully rotate the X-Prop in your hub.
  • If it touches the sides you will need to do some very light trimming on the end of the blades.
  • This can easily be achieved with some light grit sandpaper.
  • Do this a little at a time, it is important to leave the blades as close to the shroud as possible without them coming into contact for the most efficiency.
  • ** Install Tips and Video can be found at bottom of page

The X-Prop is Piranha specific and is not compatible with any other DiveX DPV.

Think your Piranha is fast NOW ? Interested in increasing performance by 14% ?

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X-Prop Install Video

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Instal Tip *- Use a small amount of TefGel on the provided fastener

Ready and easy to Install