New Battery For All Piranha Scooters

Our new power tool battery is a huge improvement on previous scooter batteries.  Its compatible with all Piranha scooters and can be used together with older batteries in P1 and P3 configurations.

The battery is a housing into which four power tool batteries (that you can most likely source online or at your local hardware store) are dropped in to create a larger battery. This offers some huge advantages to you the diver:

  • Battery packs are available almost anywhere in the world.
  • It can travel with you on regular aircraft flights. *
  • Same size, weight, capacity and power as original Piranha battery
  • No hazmat shipping when purchasing
  • Easy to replace packs as they age and deteriorate.

*Each pack is less that 100wh and so compatable with current airline regulations.

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Dive Xtras Piranha Power Tool Batteries


Chemistry Lithium Ion
Voltage 4 x 18v packs combined series and parallel to total 36V
Capacity 4 x 100Wh/5Ah packs combined to total 400Wh/10Ah
Charge Time Each pack is charged individualy, A fast charger wiill charge a pack in less that 1hour. Total time to charge 4 packs is dependant on the number of chargers you have
Protection Individual pack monitoring and fuse.

Important Facts

Dont leave you battery connected to your scooter for long durations. Even though there is protection, it may over discharge the battery. Always connect your battery just before the dive, and disconect it shortly after.

For air travel always check current regulations, travel typicaly requires you to carry the individual power tool modules in your hand lugage.

Get the PTB Kit Now

(does not include batteries)

Pack Compatability

Compatible with 5Ah packs that fit the DCB interface. These are sold as 20v  in the USA or 18v in the EU and rest of the world.

We have tested it with the following batteries:

  • 4 x Batteriol 20V 5.0Ah Lithium Battery
  • 4 x Dewalt DCB205 (USA) 20v max 5 Ah (Highest Performance In Testing)
  • 4 x Dewalt DCB184 18v XR (Highest Performance In Testing)

Battery is not compatable with all packs that fit the DCB interface.  You can buy many different packs, with a wide range of capacities. ONLY 5Ah batteries will fit.

Whats in The Box

For US ustomers you have the option of purchasing the Power Tool Batery (PTB) with, or without packs and charger.  For International customers you can only purchase it without packs and chargers.

The best option for all customers is to purchase it without packs and chargers, and then source your own localy.

Included in the box will be:

  • PTB body tube
  • Salt and fresh trim weights
  • Universal strap to be used in P2 or P3 Configurations.

If you do purchase it with packs and chargers we will drop ship 4 packs and a dual charger from an online supplier.

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