Seal Protectors

Keep Your X-Scooter Safe During Travel

The Importance of Your Sealing Surfaces

The body/tail penetration is the largest on the scooter. Therefore, it is the most susceptible to flooding. Keeping the surfaces those surfaces clean and dent free greatly reduce the risk of flooding. Most of the time, damage to the sealing surfaces happens while in transport to a dive.


The most fragile part of the X-Scooter is the Sealing Surface. They can be susceptible to dents and dings when the X-Scooter is disassembled. Our aluminum Seal Protectors fit over and around both the tail and body sealing surfaces and shied them from damage. These are extremely useful when traveling or for storage.

Fits Like a Glove

Our Seal Protectors are custom made for the X-Scooters. Both the Cuda and Piranha share the same sealing surface, so they are interchangeable. Bot the body and tail Seal Protectors go on the same way you would attach the body and tail together before a dive. Removing is just as easy. Seal Protectors mimic the connecting surface perfectly.

Piranha/Cuda Seal Protector

Compatible Scooters