All The Features….

We combined all the features people have asked for over the years, and created the Smart Slice….

  • Fuel Gauge, How much battery have you used
  • Vacuum Leak Detector
  • 12v Power Outlet
  • Emergency Cutoff

Compatable with all Piranha scooters.

Depth rated to 600ft, 180m


Smart Slice User Manual

Fuel Gauge

The fuel gauge measures how much energy you have used on your dive in Amp Hours (Ah).  During the dive you can use this number to monitor how much battery you have.  The system is comparable with all Piranha batteries.  For example, a new P1 has approx. 10Ah of battery capacity, if you dive and the fuel gauge displays 5Ah, you know you have consumed approximately half your battery.  The gauge allows you to monitor the capacity of your batteries as they age. If you want to measure exactly how much battery capacity you have, you can simply dive till the battery is exhausted, and record the final number.


Vacuum Leak Detector

The leak detector system consists of a quick release vacuum fitting, a pump and an electronic pressure monitor.  Before the dive you can use the pump to suck a vacuum on the scooter.  The level of vacuum is indicated on the display unit by the bar along the bottom.  When the bar has stopped flashing, and has extended all the way to the right, the vacuum level is approx. 5in Hg. If you see no deterioration in vacuum after ten min, which would be indicated by the bar dropping and flashing, you can safely assume your scooter is leak tight and go diving.


12v Power Outlet

A standard EO connection provides 12v DC power, 50w max. This power can be used for lights, suit heaters or any other application that uses 12v. The EO plug is live at all times so you will want to keep the connector covered at all times. It is supplied with a dummy plug for this purpose.

Emergency Cuttoff

The emergency cutoff is for those rare situations where you want to kill the scooter. Pulling the red marked plug will disconnect all power to the scooter motor and electronics, stopping it instantly.
The plug has a tether to prevent accidental loss.

Compatible Scooters