Your Smart Slice contains many features people have asked for over the years, to learn how to use each feature please read this page and watch the videos below:

  • Fuel Gauge, how much battery have you used
  • Vacuum Leak Detector
  • 12v Power Outlet. 180w max
  • Emergency Cutoff

Compatible with all Piranha scooters.

Depth rated to 600ft, 180m

Pre-weighted for fresh and salt water, simply remove salt water trim weight for fresh water dives.

Do’s and Donts

  • You can leave your Smart Slice installed and connected to the motor permanently.
  • Always connect your battery just prior to the dive and disconnect shortly afterwards. The Smart Slice and other electronics in the scooter draws a small amount of power at all times and will drain the battery.
  • Only connect your battery to the long wires from the Smart Slice and only connect your motor to the short wires on the Smart Slice.
  • Do not leave the 12v power outlet EO connector exposed without a dummy plug or any other connector for any length of time.
  • Do not use the emergency cutoff dummy plug on any other EO plug.  It contains an internal short circuit and may damage your equipment.
  • Only use the emergency cutoff for emergencies. It is not intended to be used regularly as a safety feature such as your car handbrake. Repetitive use in non emergency situations could damage the connectors
  • Always make sure to securely insert the dummy plug into the vacuum quick release fitting before diving


  • Rinse your Smart Slice after each dive as part of your normal scooter maintenance.
  • Periodically:
    • Check o-rings and lubricate as necessary
    • Remove and lubricate EO connectors by dipping them in silicone grease.


  1. Install new strap with extra length if needed. The Smart slice ships with a longer strap for P1 owners, or P2 and P3 owners who need more strap length.
  2. Mount between the motor and battery on your Piranha. Once installed it is held in place by the strap, just like the batteries.
  3. Connect electrically, one side connects to the motor, and the other the battery.

Once installed and connected to the battery the Smart Slice will automatically power up and be fully functional.

For fresh water dives remove the salt water plate, leaving the screw in place.


Fuel Gauge

The fuel gauge measures how much energy you have used on your dive in Amp Hours (Ah).  During the dive you can use this number to monitor how much battery capacity you have used, and therefore predict how much you have remaining.  The system is compatible with all Piranha batteries.  For example, a new P1 has approximately 8-10Ah of battery capacity, if you dive and the fuel gauge displays 4-5Ah, you know you have consumed approximately half your battery.  The gauge allows you to monitor the capacity of your batteries as they age. If you want to measure exactly how much battery capacity you have, you can simply dive till the battery is exhausted, and record the final number.


Vacuum Leak Detector

The leak detector system consists of a quick release vacuum fitting, pump and electronic pressure monitor.  Before the dive you can use the pump to suck a vacuum on the scooter.  The level of vacuum is indicated on the display unit by the bar along the bottom.  When the bar has stopped flashing, and has extended all the way to the right, the vacuum level is approx. 5in Hg. If you then wait for approximately 10-20min (longer is better) and verify that the vacuum indicator bar remains fully lit and solid, you can safely assume your scooter is leak tight and go diving. If there is a leak and the vacuum drops below approximately 4 inHg the bar will begin flashing.

Always test for leaks prior to a dive, with the scooter out of the water. Even a small leak can allow enough water in to damage the scooter.

Also note that temperate changes have a big effect on the vacuum in your scooter, so please try to test the scooter in a location with minimal temperature changes. If your dive involves big temperature changes you may also experience changes in the vacuum display.

Do not pump additional vacuum beyond the extents of the display bar. Pumping additional vacuum will make leaks harder to detect.

Always make sure to securely insert the dummy plug into the quick release fitting before diving.

12v Power Outlet

A standard EO connection provides 12v DC power, 180w max. This power can be used for lights, suit heaters or any other application that uses 12v. The EO plug is live at all times so you will want to keep the connector covered. It is supplied with a dummy plug for this purpose. The Female socket on the bulkhead connector is the (+) Positive terminal.

Emergency Cuttoff

The emergency cutoff is for those rare situations where you want to immediately stop power to the motor and propeller.  Pulling the red marked plug will disconnect all power to the scooter motor and electronics, stopping it instantly.
The plug has a tether to prevent accidental loss. Only use the emergency cutoff for emergencies. It is not intended to be used regularly as a safety feature such as your car handbrake. Repetitive use in non-emergency situations could damage the connectors.

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