Mount Anything To A Piranha

The Survey Tube is a Piranha module created to allow you to mount almost anything to the Piranha scooter. It provides 6 lbs (2.7 kg) of additional buoyancy as well as 10 mounting faces with 1/4-20 and M6 threaded holes. The threaded holes are compatible with any standard camera equipment and any dual mounting point accessories common on Ultralight and Aquatica. You can use the Survey Tube to mount cameras, lights, photogrammetry systems, and lasers. The name "Survey Tube" comes from the original design to mount a photogrammetry system to a scooter for deep wreck surveys.

Survey Tube


The standard survey tube comes with:
  • Standard Survey Tube with O-Rings
  • Two weight pouches
  • Universal Piranha Strap

Neutrally Bouyant

Fully compatible with the Piranha, the Survey Tube provides 6 lbs (2.7 kg) of additional buoyancy so you don’t have to ruin the perfect trim of your scooter. Add the tube to the scooter and trim with the provided weight pouches and be confident when you add or remove the tube. The scooter will maintain its perfect buoyancy and trim.

Compatible Scooters