Airline Travel With A Piranha

Now you can fly with your Piranha. By using the NiMh battery from the hugely popular CUDA 400, we have built a battery that gives you the same performance as the lithium battery but is allowed on a plane. This battery isn't recommended as an alternative to the Lithium, as it is 10 lbs 4.5 kg heavier and doesn't have the same warranty, however if you need to fly, it's the only battery to have.

Important Facts

Use of this battery requires a change in programming to your electronics to use safely. This battery is a different voltage (42v ) to the normal Piranha battery (37v). This is easily done via the Programming Interface Accessory.
The changes required are:
  • Set cutoff voltage to (CUDA) 35v
  • Max Speed of highest gear must not exceed 60%

Damage to your scooter will occur if these changes are not made. If switching back to using a normal Lithium Piranha battery the electronics settings must be reset to there normal values.
Prior to travel, check with your air carrier. Certain air carriers have separate restrictions on baggage. Please be sure to check with your air carrier prior to travel.

Piranha Module

The Piranha Travel Battery is a Piranha module that can be used on any Piranha scooter. It is neutrally buoyant and balanced and has a removable weight pouch to accommodate diving in both salt and fresh. It comes weighted and ready to dive. Travel batteries can be used in multiples for extended run time, however that cannot be mixed with lithium batteries in the same scooter.

NiMh Use Tips

  • Never leave it in the scooter connected for long periods of time, the scooter always draws a tiny amount of power and will total discharge the pack (potentially damaging it) if you forget and leave it in. We recommend connecting and disconnecting within 1-2 hours of your dive.
  • Charge you battery every 2-3 months if you are not using it. NiMh have a very high rate of self discharge, so charge regularly to prevent over discharge and damage.

Compatible Scooters

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