100% Assurance on your dive

Take your X-Scooter's Annual Service to the next level. Perform a vacuum test to make sure your scooter is leak proof. Every time you replace the shaft seals you should always make sure to test that they were installed properly. This can be done by submerging the whole scooter in water for an extended period. Now you can perform the same test on a bench with 100% reliability.

Made To Fit

Our Vacuum Testers are custom made for each X-Scooter series, the Sierra and CUDA/Piranha. This gives you a plug and play tool that will give you fast results. The Vacuum Testers mimic the opposing sealing surface so it fits on like you are putting the tail on the body.

Vacuum Tester

No Tools Required

The Vacuum Tester is a self contained package. This means that this test can be performed anywhere, whether that in on your dive boat or in the garage. The Vacuum tester comes with a hand pump that will easily create a vacuum of -20Hg. To perform the vacuum test simply insert it in between the body and tail. It is recommended that you perform the test for 20 minutes. If there is a decrease in vacuum you have a leak.

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