• Retrofit battery module for Echo, Frisco, Sierra and Cuda scooters
  • Mounts two DCB type power tool battery modules
  • Voltage: 36v
  • Capacity:  Dependant on power tool battery modules fitted.

Do’s and Donts

  • You can leave your PTB Retrofit Module  installed and connected to the motor permanently, as long as you install the battery modules just beforethe dive, and remove shortly after.
  • Always use two identical battery modules of similar age and usage.  Using modules of different type, capacity or age can result in them being damaged.
  • Always use charger supplied with battery modules, do not use any other charger, even if it has connectors that fit the battery wires, such as a Dive Xtras charger.
  • For air travel always check current regulations, travel typicaly requires you to carry the individual power tool modules in your hand lugage. Some modules have a special travel/shipping part must be installed prior to traveling.
  • Ensure your scooter has programable electronics and the settings have been changed, prior to use.

Pack Compatability

Compatible with all packs that fit the DCB interface. These are sold as 20v in the USA or 18v in the EU and rest of the world. Two packs of exactly the same type, and ideally similar age, MUST be used.

We have tested it with the following batteries:

  • 2x Batteriol 20V 5.0Ah Lithium Battery
  • 2 x LiBatter 20V MAX 6.0Ah Lithium Battery
  • 2 x Dewalt DCB612 20V/60V Max FlexVolt 12.0 AH Battery (Highest Performance In Testing)
  • 2 x Dewalt DCB548 18V/54V XR FlexVolt 12.0 AH Battery UK & EU (Highest Performance In Testing)
  • 2 x Dewalt DCB609 20/60v Max FlexVolt 9.0 AH
  • 2 x Dewalt DCB547 18V/54V XR FlexVolt 9.0 AH Battery UK & EU


  • Periodicaly check wiring is in good condition and not corroded.
  • Follow any maintainance procedures for the power tool modules used

Installation Overview

Quick introduction to instalation of the new battery


The new battery is considerably lighter than your old battery. To compensate for this, you will need to add weight to the nose of your scooter. To do this we have provided a set of weight pouches and Velcro.  The quickest way to determine the amount of weight required is to weigh your old battery and then make your new battery, and weights, equal the same amount.

Note: weigh the new battery with the power tool modules you purchased to get the exact weight. Different power tool modules will weight different amounts.

You will need:

  • Scale
  • Lead

Electronics Settings

You will need to change the settings on your electronics prior to using this battery. This is done via the programing interface and a windows computer.

If you do not have programable electronics you will need to upgrade them and get a programing interface.


Echo, Frisco and Sierra Scooters.

  • Cutoff Voltage = 30V
  • Gear 1 = 12.5%
  • Gear 2 = 25%
  • Gear 3 = 37.5%
  • Gear 4 = 50%
  • Start Gear = 1

Do not exceed 62.5% on any gear to avoid overheating the motor

CUDA Scooters.

  • Cutoff Voltage = 30V
  • Gear 1 = 12.5%
  • Gear 2 = 25%
  • Gear 3 = 37.5%
  • Gear 4 = 50%
  • Gear 5 = 62.5%
  • Gear 6 = 75%
  • Gear 7 = 87.5%
  • Gear 8 = 100%
  • Start Gear = 3

Electronics Upgrade

It’s time to upgrade your DPV Electronics.

Before you start this process ensure you have all the necessary tools and skills to complete this confidently, if you do not have the tools to complete this project as suggested please contact Info@Dive-Xtras.com for a RMA # to ship your DPV in and have the work completed at our HQ by our certified tech.

First you will need to purchase;

Programmable  Electronics Assembly

020-1510 ( Cuda DPV)  or 010-1510 ( Sierra DPV)

Suggested Tools;

M2.5 , M3 & M4 Allen Key

Solder & Solder Iron

Wire Crimper

Wire Stripper

Heat Gun


Programmable Electronics

All our Piranha scooters are fitted with programmable electronics, allowing you to fully customize the number of gears, the speed of each gear, the start gear and the acceleration ramp. Also included is a data-logger that allows you to capture all your key electronics data like power consumption on an actual dive. To unlock these features you will need the optional programming interface and a windows computer.

Compatible Scooters