Dive Xtras is working hard to fulfill all orders received over the past few months, as the BlackTip is an extremely popular scooter. Unfortunately, this means all BlackTip series scooters are currently sold out and now available on backorder only. Waiting times are approximately 6 weeks, so please place an order to ensure your spot in the queue. We appreciate your patience while we work to get your scooter to you!

The BlackTip scooter series now includes three models: the original, compact and lightweight TRAVEL scooter, the neutral and trim TECH scooter, and the EXPLORATION scooter for those who push the limits.

The original BlackTip (now the Travel) was designed to be a low-cost recreational and travel scooter. To that end, it had to be lightweight and work with any and all battery packs. Trim was not possible within these design constraints. Now with many users preferring the larger packs and less concerned about ultimate portability, we can offer the fully trim BlackTip Tech for divers who are okay with a bigger scooter and limiting themselves to 9 and 12 Ah packs only.

Weighing in at just 24lbs, the BlackTip Travel combines the best of Dive Xtra’s powerful scooter performance with a lower cost and more travel-friendly design.

If you travel a large amount and weight is critical, then the Travel model is still your best choice. It is the smallest and lightest BlackTip model. It does not float trim in the water, but it can be made neutral.

  • Our most compact scooter design
  • Lightweight design (24 lbs)
  • Uses 2x 5Ah, 6Ah, 9Ah, or 12Ah DCB batteries

With a fully trimmed out scooter body, the BlackTip Tech is ready for anything! Tackle any technical dive with ease, thanks to our longer, balanced scooter design.

If weight and length are not critical and you would like a scooter that floats trim, the Tech model is the best choice.  It works best with 9 and 12Ah batteries, floats trim and neutral, and comes with an integral fresh/saltwater trim plate.

  • Balanced tube length
  • Neutral & trim
  • Uses 2x 9Ah or 12Ah DCB batteries

With a longer body tube supporting double the battery capacity, the BlackTip Exploration takes our BlackTip’s design further than ever before.

If you need longer duration than the other models, then the Exploration is the best choice.  It’s a lot bigger and heavier, but fits four 9/12Ah batteries for double the range and runtime of the other batteries. It’s definitely a lot more scooter than you need for tech and recreational dives, but if you push the limits of dive duration, this is the scooter for you.

  • Extended tube design
  • Neutral & trim
  • Uses 4x 9Ah or 12Ah DCB batteries