How We Depth-Test Our DPVs

How We Depth-Test Our DPVs

How do we test our scooters will survive the depths we specify? We use our own hyperbaric chamber, which can be pressurized to match conditions of up to 1,000ft below the surface!

The chamber is 30in (0.75m) in diameter and 6ft tall (1.8m), so any of our DPVs can easily fit inside. It has two windows on top that let us view and monitor the test, and each window is 4in (100mm) thick!

Our chamber is rated to 450 PSI, which is equivalent to 1,000 feet of depth! If we need to go deeper than that, we have smaller chambers that can go even higher.

For safety reasons, we always completely fill the chamber with water before each test. Water is incompressible, so in case of malfunctions or accidents, there is much less energy to release.

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