Piranha PTB Battery Compatibility

Piranha PTB Battery Compatibility

Portable power tool battery (PTB) packs have evolved over the years, offering larger capacities and a wider selection for buyers. This is great for consumers but can quickly become a headache for DPV owners whose scooters have been around for a while. This is especially true for Piranha PTB modules, which packs four batteries snugly into a single, removable power module. If you're not careful, you could be buying a set of batteries that is too large for this space in your scooter. We want to help you get it right the first time!

Now while Dive Xtras commonly uses DeWalt brand batteries for testing purposes here at our warehouse, we've found that the most recent generations of DeWalt 5Ah batteries have become slightly too large for our PTB units. If you're able to get your hands on an older set of batteries, you may be in the clear, but make sure to check for signs of aging in your batteries that can affect performance.

In response to the sizing changes made by DeWalt, we did some more research into alternative battery brands that are still compatible with our Piranha PTB modules. Here's a list of four generic-brand PTB options for Piranha owners looking to buy more batteries or replace existing packs that may have worn out (Amazon links included):

We have purchased and are in the process of testing all four of these PTB options, but we can confirm they are compatible with the size requirements of the Piranha PTB modules. Stay tuned for more discharge and runtime test results in the coming weeks!

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