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      2016 Salon de la Plongee Paris

      January 8-11 of this year, I traveled to Paris France to participate in the 2016 Salon de la Plongee! It was a whirlwind week with over 45,000 people showing up to a very busy show.

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      Scooter Diving in Singapore

      Chew Poh Chang and his crew traveled to Malapascua Island in the Philippines for some diving and scootering. Check out this awesome wreck!

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      Piranha Modular Design

      In the diving world, the Piranha DPV stands alone. As the only scooter on the market today with a fully modular design, the Piranha is leading the industry with a lighter, more compact, higher performing, and more efficient design than the industry standard.

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      Sami Paakkarinen - October 2014

      Romania is not the first country to come to mind when you think about cave diving. However, certain areas are filled with caves, both dry and wet. These caves have been quite well preserved and unexplored due the remote locations and legal hurdles of getting access. Planning for our trip started over two years ago when my good friend, Adrian, who is originally from Romania, went home to visit and, by coincidence, made contact with local cave and cavern divers. Immediately upon Adrian’s return, he told us about the boundless possibilities. Right then and there we made the decision to plan an expedition!

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      Sami Paakkarinen - July 2014

      Every year I travel to the Mo I Rana area in Norway. In fact, last year I spend 10 weeks there teaching cave classes and running various expeditions; but why do I go there? Well, it’s a huge karstic area filled with caves of which over 800 have been mapped since 1900. Many of them have diving potential.

      This year’s main trip started in July, and I already had 4 weeks of cave training lined up. Everything from CCR to OC classes as well as 3 cave DPV courses. We also squeezed in some time for filming and a small scale exploration. It was going to be a packed few weeks!

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