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Modular Camera Mount

Modular Camera Mount

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Our new Modular Camera Mount sets the standard for usability and adaptability in a camera mount. It includes all the standard features divers typically add to their Minimalist (formerly Universal) Mount - and its modularity allows you to fine-tune it to meet your exact photography or videography needs!

We’ve created the Modular Camera Mount to give our customers a reliable means of mounting a wide variety of cameras onto their scooters. With a host of features and mounting options, the possibilities are limitless!

(Ideal for action cams, mirrorless cameras, and compact DSLR rigs. For larger DSLR setups and camcorders, we recommend our new Professional Camera Mount!)


Safety line tether hole. For small cameras like the GoPro action cam system, it's essential to tether them.

Overcenter strap. For quick and easy mounting on any Dive Xtras scooter!

6"/8”/10” tube compatibility. Fits on nearly any diameter scooter body, including our BlackTip, Cuda, Piranha, and Sierra scooters!

1” spherical foot grips on each corner. The mount needed feet, so we made them balls compatible with standard arm systems. Not intended for large, multiple-link arm rigs. If you have a larger arm rig, we recommend our new Professional Camera Mount.

Choose From 4 Mounting Options!

  • Standard: A single ¼-20 screw. Mounts anything with the typical ¼-20 screw hole.
  • Arca: The mount comes with an Arca Swiss clamp and plate. Mount the plate to your housing and gain the ability to quickly remove and attach your camera. Additional plates are widely available online or at your local camera store if you want to swap between more than one housing.
  • Pan Arca: Want to rotate your camera and get those great shots? Add the pan head to your system! Comes with an Arca Swiss Pan head, clamp, and plate.
  • Ball Arca: The ultimate in flexibility. With the integral ball head, you can now angle your camera wherever you like! Great for getting those back-facing hero shots. Comes with an Arca Swiss ball head, clamp, and plate.

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