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Depth Rating 600ft; 180m
Weight 41lbs; 18.7kg
Thrust 63lbs; 29kg
Max Speed 233ft/min; 71m/min
Range at Max Speed/Max Drag 5 miles; 8km
Run Time at Max Speed/Max Drag up to 130 min
Cruise Range (150ft/min; 45m/min) 10.2 miles; 16.4km
Run Time at Cruise Speed up to 450 min
Battery Specifications
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Battery Chemistry LiIon
Battery Voltage 36.6V
Battery Capacity Nominal 10.4Ah 384Wh
Cells 18650 Cells
Charger 110/240V

The Piranha Concept

The Piranha is the lightest, most powerful, dive scooter we could build and to maximize utility for both technical and recreational divers we have made it modular. With neutrally buoyant battery modules you can build and dive the scooter you need.
The P3 is simply the Piranha scooter with three batteries, there are no other differences.
Designed and Assembled in the USA.


Add Batteries For More Runtime

The Piranha is designed to be modular. With self contained neutrally buoyant battery packs and a simple strap holding the scooter together you can easily build the scooter you need for the dive. For every battery you add, your run-time increases respectively and your speed and power stay the same.

GoPro Ready

We've integrated the most popular video system in the world onto the Piranha Dive scooter. Built into the handle is a GoPro mount that can fit both a camera as well as neutrally buoyant gauge mounts. With your GoPro mounted on the scooter, you'll always have a steady platform to film your dives.

Lightweight But Powerfull

The Piranha is the lightest DPV on the market with the P1 weighing only 25lb/11kg. You no longer need a 85lb scooter to get 2 hours of run time, at 41lbs the P3 gives you 6 hours!!! It's easy to carry, too with the integrated carry handle. Nothing could be easier.

New Propeller, with “Line Trap”

The Piranha dive scooter has an all new propeller, we kept the efficient blades from the CUDA, but removed all the complex pitch adjustment and clutch mechanism, and replaced it with a solid one piece design. To cope with monofilament fishing line we built in a line trap that captures the line in a groove at the base of the propeller for easy removal, preventing it reaching the seals, and you having to remove the propeller.

Neutral Buoyancy out of the box

There is no longer a need to mess with bags and lead shot to get your X-Scooter weighted perfectly. The Piranha is ready to go out of the box. Simply take the two weight plates out for Fresh Water leave them in for Salt. You'll have perfect buoyancy and trim either way.

Programmable Electronics

All our Piranha scooters are fitted with programmable electronics, allowing you to fully customize the number of gears, the speed of each gear, the start gear and the acceleration ramp. Also included is a data-logger that allows you to capture all your key electronics data like power consumption on an actual dive. To unlock these features you will need the optional programming interface and a windows computer.

Ergonomic Handle And Trigger

To make the Piranha dive scooter better than everything else we looked outside the industry for inspiration. Leveraging the huge R&D effort the bycicle industry has put in over the years we created a design based on an ergonomic bike grip with a trigger that emulates a gear shift. The handle is available in two sizes, large and small, and the trigger is reversable to suit different trigger finger lengths.

Smooth & Quiet Belt Drive

To give you the best possible power and efficiency the 2016 Piranha dive scooter uses a Gates belt drive for optimum performance. Quieter and smoother than traditional gears Gates belt drives are great

Compatible Accessories

Piranha Tips & Tricks

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Piranha P3 Standard
Piranha P3 Standard

Piranha P1 Standard Package

  • Piranha Tail
  • Piranha Nose
  • Piranha Body/Battery (3)
  • Piranha Battery Charger (3)
  • Piranha Standard Spares Kit
  • Piranha Quick Start Guide
  • Piranha Owner's Manual
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Piranha P3 – PTB – No Packs
Piranha P3 – PTB – No Packs

Piranha P3 Standard PTB Package

  • Piranha Tail
  • Piranha Nose
  • Piranha Body/ PTB Module (x3)
  • Piranha Standard Spares Kit
  • Piranha Quick Start Guide
  • Piranha Owners Manual
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