Servicing Manuals

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As with all sophisticated equipment, your X-Scooter will require you to do some maintenance to keep it running at its full potential. These are manuals to perform various tasks to get your X-Scooter in the water again. If you have unanswered questions feel free to contact us and we will walk you through the process.

Many of these manuals are older and not for current products, however we have left them here for information.

Annual Service Workshop

Battery Tab Repair

Crotch Strap Manual

CSI Camera Manual

Freediving Manual

X-Prop Installation

Electronics Installation (Older Products, not current)

Cuda Power Outlet Installation (Older Products, not current)

Propeller Assembly

Reed Switch Adjustment

Vacuum Tester Manual

How To Get Support?

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Have a technical question or your scooter is behaving in irregular ways? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to answer your questions, inquiries, or concerns promptly so you can get back to enjoying your Dive-Xtras product as quickly as possible.


Phone: 425.296.6570 (8-5 PST, Monday-Friday)

Address: 4493 Russell Rd, STE E, Mukilteo, WA, 98275

Finding Owners Manuals, Diagrams etc.

This page allows you to access everything we have ever published on the X-Scooters. On the right hand side, in the middle, you will see a menu called “Categories.” Select the “Support” category and you will get a list of all information.
Alternatively, you can search using the search box on the top right.

BlackTip Shipping Updates

Greetings, DiveX family!

In light of continuing circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and the local restrictions in our home state of Washington, our initial shipping goal of mid-May for all BlackTip series products and accessories has unfortunately been delayed…

Assuming local regulations are lifted as planned on June 1st, BlackTip shipping is now projected to begin the week of June 18th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we assure you that we are working hard to fulfill all orders in a timely manner.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this unique time. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at Stay safe!


Piranha Belt Change

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Occasionaly the belt fails on a Piranha Scooter, its not considered a wear item that needs replacing at some interval, however if it does happen this video will show you how to replace it.

You will need:

  • New Belt
  • 3mm Allen Wrench
  • 10mm Socket

It can also be usefull to have a flat screwdiver and some paper towels to clean up the thermal paste on the heat sink.

Cardboard Template

Print the linked template on paper at 100%. there is a grid shown so you can check the size.  Glue the template to some thick cardboard and cut out

The Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Piranha Pro Package

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Piranha Pro Package

The Piranha Pro package gets you kitted out like a pro, right from the start!

Most of our customers start with a standard Piranha P1 and over time add a gauge mount, a Smart Slice, and eventually an extra battery or two, as they begin diving their new Piranha and start tweaking it to be just so for their particular dives.

While the modularity of the Piranha is exceptional in allowing you to tailor your individual Piranha specifically to you, the all-new Pro package series of Piranhas includes all of the most popular accessories in one complete package. The Pro package is available in the P1, P2, or P3 configuration so that you know you are ready for any dive.

If you have been thinking about buying a Piranha, you should really consider a Piranha Pro package. Here are the top five reasons why:

1. Battery Fuel Gauge

The Smart Slice presents battery usage in an easy to understand format by measuring how much energy you have used on your dive in Amp Hours (Ah). This allows you to plan your dive using halves, thirds, all-usable. etc. just like your gas planning.

2. Vacuum Leak Detection

The leak detector system allows you to draw a light vacuum on the scooter before your dive. After 10 minutes, if the vacuum level has not dropped, you can safely assume your scooter is leak tight and go diving worry-free.

3. 12v Power Outlet

Have high powered video lights to get that great shot? A heated suit for extended deco? Now you can tap 12V power directly off of the scooter with any E/O-corded accessory instead of lugging around an extra battery can!

4. Emergency Cutoff

The emergency cutoff is for those rare situations where you want to kill the scooter. Pulling the plug will disconnect all power to the scooter motor and electronics, stopping it instantly. The scooter will resume normal function once the emergency cutoff is plugged back in. The plug has a tether to prevent accidental loss.

5. Heads-up Navigation

Once you dive with a gauge mount on your scooter you will never go back! It keeps your key navigational information of depth and heading right in front of you so you can focus on enjoying your dive.

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