Servicing Manuals

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As with all sophisticated equipment, your X-Scooter will require you to do some maintenance to keep it running at its full potential. These are manuals to perform various tasks to get your X-Scooter in the water again. If you have unanswered questions feel free to contact us and we will walk you through the process.

Annual Service Workshop

Battery Tab Repair

Crotch Strap Manual

CSI Camera Manual

Freediving Manual

X-Prop Installation

Electronics Installatoin

Cuda Power Outlet Installation

Propeller Assembly

Reed Switch Adjustment

Vacuum Tester Manual

How To Get Support?

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Have a technical question or your scooter is behaving in irregular ways? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to answer your questions, inquiries, or concerns promptly so you can get back to enjoying your Dive-Xtras product as quickly as possible.


Phone: 425.296.6570 (8-5 PST, Monday-Friday)

Address: 4493 Russell Rd, STE E, Mukilteo, WA, 98275

Finding Owners Manuals, Diagrams etc.

This page allows you to access everything we have ever published on the X-Scooters. On the right hand side, in the middle, you will see a menu called “Categories.” Select the “Support” category and you will get a list of all information.
Alternatively, you can search using the search box on the top right.

New PTB Module Weighting

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The Piranha DPV is designed to be ready to dive in a neutrally buoyant configuration for both fresh and saltwater, right out of the box. To achieve this, each module is pre-weighted at the factory with lead shot for fresh water, and three stainless steel weight plates are installed with thumbscrews for saltwater. Each weight plate corresponds to a module of the complete DPV (019-7003 – Nose, 019-12009 – Tail, and 019-12010 – Battery). All Piranhas are shipped from the factory with all three weight plates installed, however please note that both the Battery and Tail weight plate are installed on the battery module. When diving the Piranha in a P2 or larger configuration in saltwater, simply leave both the Tail and Battery weight plate installed on the battery module closest to the tail, and remove the larger Tail weight plate from each subsequent battery module while leaving the smaller Battery weight plate installed on them. To configure for freshwater, remove all of the stainless steel weight plates from the DPV and reinstall the thumbscrews for safekeeping.

Celebrate Arctic Science Month with Dive-Xtras!

Follow Dive-Xtras Sponsored Team Sedna when they boldly go where no man has gone before, mounting a snorkel relay of the 3,000-kilometer Northwest Passage to bring global attention to disappearing sea ice in the Arctic.

Sedna Team
Sedna Team

The Sedna Epic Expedition will be LIVE on YouTube

December 1st @ 2:30 PM eastern time

Read the full article here.

Lake Crescent, Washington

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Some customers from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia headed to Lake Crescent in Washington State last month. They shot some amazing video of two famous wrecks in the lake, the Wreck of the Warren Car and the Steele Dodge. Video by Jared Jensen

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