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Front Bolt Snap Kit

Front Bolt Snap Kit

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A simple, low-profile attachment point for the nose of your BlackTip that makes carrying and towing your scooter a snap!

We ship you a shiny new bolt snap with a pre-measured length of nylon cordage. This will fit easily into the grooves under your BlackTip’s nose handle, with no cutting or measuring needed! Take a look at the video below to see how it’s installed.

This front bolt snap is just what you need for towing and carrying your BlackTip! It features a short length of nylon cordage threaded through a sturdy bolt snap connector on the scooter’s nose cone.

When not in use, the bolt snap can be easily clipped onto itself. This keeps it out of the way during travel, and won’t snag during your dive!

We offer this simple attachment device as a solid solution for standard scooter operations, but we know this isn’t rocket science, so feel free to experiment and make your own attachment point! We love seeing all the ways our scooter owners personalize their dive scooters, and we’d love to see your own addons!
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